Our Service

Our Service to Employers and Apprentices

Apprenticeships are intended as a partnership between the employer, the training provider and the apprentice. All our apprenticeships are delivered at your place of work, and on a one to one basis. We will seek to compliment your own business needs and the training you give to your employees already. Our apprenticeships can be delivered to new members of your team, and existing employees.

If you are recruiting a new apprentice, we can help you advertise the vacancy and apply for any external funding or grants. For example, if you have not started an apprenticeship in your business during the previous 12 months, you may be eligible for a grant of up to £1,500.00.

Once the apprentice is ready to start, we will arrange to complete all the required paperwork with you, and organise an induction session.

Once underway, we will visit you and your apprentice approximately every 3 weeks at your place of work. These sessions will compliment any “on the job” training in the workplace, and include assessment, guidance, support, feedback and regular reviews of progress. This will enable the apprentice to achieve their qualifications and any related exams.

Employers and managers are encouraged to be involved throughout the process, so that everyone maximises the opportunity to benefit and flourish.

On completion, the relevant certificates will be issued via the employer. We will always seek to assist apprentices and employers with guidance on appropriate “next steps”, either during their programme or on completion. We are always available to provide advice and guidance on additional qualifications, progression opportunities and career development.