Complaints and Appeals

Despite our best efforts, there may be a time when you feel our service has not met your expectations, or maybe you feel that your assessor’s judgement has not been fair or reasonable.

The Gold Standard is 100% committed to listening to our customers’ concerns in an open and helpful manner at all times. We will view any comment as an opportunity to evaluate our service and seek to improve. We will listen carefully to your concerns and do everything possible to resolve the issue in an appropriate way.

If you have any concerns regarding our overall service, then please e-mail us at, or talk to your assessor when they visit. As an apprentice, you may prefer to discuss any issues with your employer, and then they can discuss your concerns with us on your behalf.

If you wish to appeal against any assessment decision, or about any exam arrangements or results, then please refer these to your nominated Internal Verifier. Contact details for this person will have been given to you at your induction. If in doubt, please contact us using this form.

Should you feel that we have not handled your complaint or appeal satisfactorily, then you will be supported in making a complaint directly to the relevant examination board.