Special Assessment Requirements

The Gold Standard is committed to ensuring equality of access to all our qualifications, and will endeavour to overcome any barriers to achievement, whilst maintaining the required standards.

Our policy is to provide for people according to their needs. Assessors and Tutors will be supported to try to ensure the learner’s experience is a beneficial one, whatever their circumstances.

Each learner’s individual requirements will be taken into account at the initial meeting with their assessor, and no assumptions will be made about the potential effects of impairment.  Assessors will ask their learners what type of support (if any) might be of help, and will seek information from employers to identify any information that might help a person learn and achieve.

Any special assessment requirements will be identified via the Apprenticeship “sign up” process, the initial assessment process, the induction, and numeracy / literacy assessments (if required).

The achievement of all candidates will be monitored to ensure that there are no barriers to progress for any learner.

Is there anything else we could do to help you achieve? If you think there might be, then contact us using this form, or talk to your assessor when they visit.