Equality and Diversity

We have a long tradition of helping people across the whole range of our communities, regardless of their background, and being mindful of peoples’ individual circumstances.
All services offered by The Gold Standard will be;

  • Available to all those who demonstrate their ability to achieve the required standard, by whatever means. We must always try to overcome barriers which may restrict access and progression.
  • Free from discrimination with regard to gender, race, disability and age, with due regard paid to the special needs of individuals, including those with physical or sensory disabilities or learning difficulties, who may require support to undertake learning.
  • Accessible for those in categories of employment which may restrict attendance for learning.
  • Free from age restrictions unless legally required.

To ensure that the principles of equality and diversity are maintained, we monitor learners’ experiences via an analysis of our learners’ achievements, internal quality assurance of our own practice, and feedback from employers and learners.

If you’re a learner with The Gold Standard, and you feel you have an issue relating to equality and diversity, please contact us on 07989 355 252 or by email: nick@thegoldstandard.org.uk