Health and Safety

Although it may not always be The Gold Standard’s ultimate responsibility to maintain a healthy and safe environment, it will always be our policy to use whatever powers within our authority, to ensure all our learners work in a healthy and safe place of work. The exception to this is in the delivery of apprenticeships when we must comply with the requirements of the Education & Skills Funding Agency on health and safety. When delivering apprenticeships, we will complete an initial assessment of health & safety, plus ongoing monitoring through regular reviews and our own observations.

The learner’s place of work and usual activities will be checked to ensure compliance with all Health & Safety legislation. Should we feel that any learner’s safety is potentially in danger, then we will raise this with the employer. Non compliance with health and safety legislation could result in our support to an apprentice being withdrawn.

The Gold Standard tutor will always be vigilant in checking for Health & Safety issues at the beginning of programmes and on an ongoing basis. Any issues are to be reported to the centre and employer or client organisation as appropriate.

Any accidents or near misses, which occur during learning sessions, must be reported and a record maintained at The Gold Standard. All tutors must comply with this. A ‘sloppy’ attitude will not be tolerated.

If you’re a learner with The Gold Standard, and you are concerned about any aspect of health and safety at your place of work, please raise it with your tutor at their next visit. They will be very happy to give you advice on the most appropriate action to take.